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Product A Economic

The economy of a duct network begins with a simple and efficient design. Then for using practical and efficient materials. 

The Economics of a Duct Network
It starts with a simple and efficient design.
Then by using practical materials and
efficient. But above all by applying a
adequate system of transformation of
duct panels.

Depending on the applied system,
increase or decrease the time
execution, workmanship, materials
and the waste.

The Strip System is the system
proposed by PIR-ALU for
transform panels
pre-insulated aluminum in nets
of HVAC ducts.

The Strip System is based on the
standardization of
dimensions and shapes. I know
dimensions apply
recommended normalized
by rules or standards
international standards ISO 7807, EN
1505 or EUROVENT 2/3. The
shapes of the pieces are
recommended by EN 12097.

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