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Smoke Extractor for Foodtrucks

The continuous duty compact smoke extractor specially designed to be used in Food Trucks. Its size makes it a very functional unit and convenient in small spaces.

Its compact design was designed to give the least possible impact to the exterior of a food truck, making it versatile when moving to different areas.

Height: 11"
Diameter: 21"

Extractor Base (width, length and height): 13.5" x 13.5" x 1.0"

The motor has the capacity to work in two voltages 110v* or 220v. Being a useful tool when installing in food trucks.

*110v uses converter.

It is a large capacity fume extractor of extraction. 



Engine+It is a 1/3HP motor of 2600 RPM which is coupled directly to the rotor, so that its efficiency is maximum and its maintenance is minimum.


Technical data

Datos Tecnicos


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