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>   Model Tower Type 1

Air conditioner Tower centrifuge


Climatizador Blanco v3.png

Mobile Equipment

Team Qualities

> Small equipment fits anywhere

> Turbine type engine

> Equipped with quality efficient motors

>auto cooling at all times that the equipment works

> Silent equipment

> Equipped with low weight

> Voltage at 110V 

> The tank can be trimmed at any time by means of a hose

> longduration with a full tank

> Easy maintenance

> You can move anywhere with stable surface in a veryeasy through its 4 rods

> 3 Speeds (low, medium, high)

> Control via screen

> Horizontal and vertical oscillating movement in air outlet

> Covers about 20-25 m2

> Visual meter for the amount of water in the storage tank

> Very low power consumption


> Ideal in :

- Offices

- Computer centers

- Universities

- Centers of reunion 

- Terraces

- Restaurants

- Libraries

- Medical consultants

- Classrooms

- Use in homes

Datos Técnicos

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Measures >>

Torre 1 m1.png
Front view
Torre 1 m2.png
inside front view
Torre 1 m3.png
Side view

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