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Industrial Centrifugal Air Conditioner

Team Qualities

> Equipped with brushless DC motors,

> The machine will run smoothly with little noise.

> Light engine weight.

> Opera at 60HZ.

> The working voltage is 220v

> High efficiency engine 

> Execution cost is reduced by un 20% for the same operating conditions with belts and pulleys.

> With the motor directly connected, there are fewer moving parts.

> Easy maintenance.


> Ideal in :

- warehouse areas 

- work centers 

- classrooms, computer centers, universities

- production areas.

> Allows ductification since it does not generate a higher pressure drop as the air is ductified.

Technical data

Datos Tecnicos


Operating principle

The evaporation of water absorbs heat. According to this principle, when water under the action of gravity moves down a downward flowing wet curtain, en  the upper part on the corrugated fiber surface will form a film of Water.


When the wet curtain air flowing through the water in the water film can absorb heat from the air after evaporation, to remove a lot of latent heat, reduce after the air temperature wet curtain, cooling and humidifying cooling purposes.


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