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Mobile Centrifugal Air Conditioner

Team Qualities

> Turbine type fan

> Little noise

> Operates at 110v, 60hz

> High efficiency engine 

> With the motor directly connected, there are fewer moving parts

> Easy maintenance

> 3 Speeds (low, medium, high)

> Control via screen

> Horizontal and vertical oscillating movement in air outlet

> Covers about 20-25 m2

> Manual or automatic water supply

> Visual meter for the amount of water in the storage tank

> Very low power consumption


> Ideal in :

- House

- Terraces

- Offices

- Study centers

- Medical consultants

- Restaurants

Technical data

Datos Tecnicos


Operating principle

The evaporation of water absorbs heat. According to this principle, when water under the action of gravity moves down a downward flowing wet curtain, en  the upper part on the corrugated fiber surface will form a film of Water.


When the wet curtain air flowing through the water in the water film can absorb heat from the air after evaporation, to remove a lot of latent heat, reduce after the air temperature wet curtain, cooling and humidifying cooling purposes.


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