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We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and offer our customers the most complete line of accessories so that in combination with our ventilation equipment, we offer the integral solution you are looking for.

Since we are direct suppliers or representatives in the country, we always have an abundant stock of products, in addition to the technical experience to be able to recommend the proper use according to your needs.


> Shutter : Marenco - El Salvador

> Textile duct: DTI Integral Textile Diffusion - Mexico

> Engine: Leeson - USA

> Filter: Air Handler - USA

The most complete solution to complement your industrial fan. Manufactured in fixed and mobile version. Made of white pre-painted metal, the exact size of all our wall ventilation equipment.

Ducteria textiles of all sizes in diameter and length. With capacity to resist fire and easy to clean. Ducteria to inject or extract air. Innovative system, tailored to the client's request.

Single-phase or three-phase electric motors, as well as explosion-proof versions. Marenco uses these high quality engines for its equipment, find different models, capacities for your needs. 

MERV or HEPA filters, as well as carbon filters. Pleated, in V, in cardboard of different sizes or on a roll. Made in the USA with worldwide certifications-

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