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X series - Characteristic

propellers made of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass resistant to corrosion.
Serie X iso.png
Serie X nucleo de 6.png
Serie X nucleo de 5.png
Flexible assemblies of 3, 5 or 6 propellers, according to necessary ventilation capacity.
Serie X All prop f.png
Different blade diameters, ranging from 16" to 36"
X 05 isometrico3.png
X 05 lateral2.png
Máxima eficiencia entre motor y hélices, por medio de acople directo utilizando motores de marca mundial.
Maximum resistance to corrosion, low and high working temperatures
X 05 propela.png

        Frame X >>

Serie X frames 6.png
Oven-cured, scratch resistant powder paint
Fit for use any kind of mount of different engines
Serie X frames 05.png
Serie X frames 01.png
Frame sizes from 54cm, 65cm, 80cm, 104cm and 117cm square
The caulking of the frame is one piece forged from a single sheet. Allows a continuous flow without interruptions
Serie X frames 04.png
Serie X frames 2.png
Its X shape for the motor base makes it a highly vibration resistant frame.
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